Foodie Friday: Pancake Shots on Christmas

It’s not as bad as you think. Really. Well, unless you don’t like your shots sweet and have you craving for sausage, bacon, and orange juice afterwards. Who says you can’t have hard liquor for breakfast?

For a shot with whiskey in it it went down incredibly smooth. Maple syrup with a burn.

The poison:

DeKuyper Buttershots (butterscotch schnapps)

Jameson Irish Whiskey

chaser (optional): orange juice, but you might drink it anyway just because what’s breakfast without the OJ?

Breakfast of champions
Breakfast of champions

Enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone!

Foodie Friday! Afternoon Tea @ The Fairmont

I kind of have an obsession with British afternoon tea, thanks to my trip to London(a post about my trip there can be found on my other blog here). I thought I would never have afternoon tea outside of England, but crazily enough there are places in the US that do it. There are a few in Vegas, one which I’ve tried and it was meh. The next one I tried was in The Fairmont hotel and my sis and I took my aunt there for her birthday. Lucky for me she likes British things too and always wanted to experience afternoon tea.

Similar to my experience in London, the food was pretty much decided and you just choose your tea. I chose maple maple while my aunt and my sis had a jasmine and a berry tea respectively.

First came the savory stuff.

egg salad, salmon, cucumber sandwiches and prosciutto crepe
egg salad, salmon, cucumber sandwiches and prosciutto crepe

The proscuitto crepe had fig jam and though good was way overpowering.

Next, the moment of truth: the scones.

seasonal scones served with lemon curd and Devon cream
seasonal scones served with lemon curd and Devon cream

My only complaint that for the amount we paid we just got two tiny scones. Delicious though. I think one had cranberries in it.

The last part of the meal, the dessert, was the one I felt like it was out of place. Don’t get me wrong it was tasty as heck, but I didn’t really get this fancy dessert in any other afternoon teas. I guess I would’ve preferred more scones ^_~  Maybe it’s a perk for having it in The Fairmont?

I almost didn't want to eat it, it was so pretty
I almost didn’t want to eat it, it was so pretty

I really liked the cassis mousse….

My aunt enjoyed our little tea session though we all agreed it was worth doing only once. Especially at $32 a head. The hunt for a decent scone and cup of tea continues. Sigh.

EXTRA CREDIT: I made scones for my aunt as her birthday present and bought her devon cream at World Market.

Deformed, but tasty imho
Deformed, but tasty imho

Wait Just Got Here: Reading The Hobbit

nice journal-esque version



To be honest I never had the intention of reading The Hobbit. I’m probably going to be be smited for this, but I read The Lord of the Rings first, then watched the movies, and in either form I never really had an interest in the character Bilbo and his journey with the dwarves. Dwarves aren’t really my favorite race *shrugs* Then of course the inevitable news came around that The Hobbit was being made into a movie and I heard about who would be cast as Bilbo Baggins. Martin. F*ckin. Freeman. Watson. Watson. Awesome Watson is going to be Bilbo. And Cumberpatch as Smaug the dragon?! YES. So I guess to sum it up the main reason why I finally read The Hobbit is because I’m shallow. >_>


OMG Bilbo where have you been all my life?! How awesome is Bilbo Baggins?! This poor hobbit, minding his own business and not wanting any adventures and would just like to smoke, have a pint and eat somewhere in between thankyouverymuch gets thrown into helping out some dwarves get their kingdom and treasure back (THANKS Gandalf you troll! Though the intro scene of the dwarves and eating everything is *hilarious*) Of course an adventure is never that simple and he ends up encountering trolls, goblins and getting smack dab in the middle of duking it out with dragons and pretty much all races of Middle Earth. Oh and happens to find a shiny ring.

Compared to LotR, the book is definitely aimed at a younger audience, but I think that’s what I *really* enjoyed about it. LotR and other books pertaining to ME such as The Silmarillion are pretty….dense to say the least, sometimes reading like history textbooks. I really have to be in a certain reading mood to read Tolkien’s works, but The Hobbit is the opposite and doesn’t have much info dumping, although the long songs/poetry are still there which I still skipped/skimmed *ahem*. Like Star Wars, it’s also kind of nice reading the prequel after the main series since in The Hobbit, you see the beginnings of significant things in LotR. Not only the ring, but also on the Necromancer/Sauron and further elaboration on Moria.

What, or rather who makes the book worth it is Bilbo himself. I loved how you can see his change from reluctant traveler to unexpected leader and hero and still keep his hobbit roots. Even after his realization that yes, he *can* fight and actually do this adventure stuff he still complains about not eating enough and just wanting to be back at Bag End. I think I really enjoyed the fact how   unassuming Bilbo’s change into a hero was and how he didn’t have a complete change in personality. In the end Bilbo is still a hobbit. Who just happens to kick a little ass and steal stuff if need be.

And how awesome is it that it’s hobbits that save the day in the LotR series? These unassuming, overlooked people save everyone else’s butts because they’re too busy bickering. Maybe its because there’s too much bad history between humans, elves, and dwarves. Hobbits are kind of the neutral ground and just end up shouldering the responsibility because well, somebody’s gotta do it. I guess that’s what makes them amazing.

I am so glad I read this book. As I have my LotR:EE marathon for The Hobbit, I can only imagine how Peter Jackson can once again amaze us with his adaptation (and 48 fps!). I can’t wait!

Fav quotes

We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner! -Bilbo Baggins

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -Thorin Oakenshield

Foodie Friday: What I’m thankful for

I hope everyone had a good turkey weekend last week and good hunting with the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays that actually  last all week/month! Just when I was on a roll with blogging, sigh, family had to get in the way. And Wreck It Ralph (which is awesome by the way go see it!). Tsk tsk. Then again, last Thursday was my first Thanksgiving back in the states so I was really grateful that I was here to celebrate with my family. And eat turkey again, *man* did I miss the convenience of eating turkey whenever I wanted to! No surprise that Japan doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but for some reason the fact that they didn’t know the awesome food-fest of whole roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pie really saddened me. I would show pictures of a typical Thanksgiving dinner to my students and their eyes would just pop out! And the look on their faces when I show them what the heck a turkey is! Although they do have a word for that odd bird (七面鳥、しちめんちょう, or 7-faced bird…kinda), you don’t see them around the neighborhood, let alone on their dinner plate (except at Subways). Japan’s a porky nation. But despite the food setbacks, my fellow ALTs and I made do (you can see my Turkey Day adventures on my Japan blog here) That is why this Thanksgiving, I was thankful for turkey.

thanksgiving 2012

Mmm…turkey how I’ve missed you

In addition to the Soul Sweet Taters I made, I brought cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory thanks to my discount at Barnes & Noble. I split the cake so the family could get a chance to try a majority of the cheesecake flavors like chocolate, pumpkin and the original. My favorite was the red velvet cheesecake.

thanksgiving 2012 2

I nearly died after eating a whole piece, it was so rich! I even scraped off a majority of the cream. Well if I did die, death by red velvet doesn’t sound like a bad way to go.