Hello, はじめまして/おはよう/こんにちは/こんばんは.

My name is Gem and I have healthy(?) obsessions with pop culture, books, movies, and graphic novels, and reading about pop culture, book, movies and graphic novels. It’s pretty hard to talk about these things in real life without freaking some people out, so this blog was born to direct my geeky tendencies.

Other facts about me: Capybaras are the coolest animals ever.

Feel free to say hi here or my other sites so I can say hi back!

Instagram: For the visually inclined

Peachy Keen My blog reminiscing when I lived in Japan for 2 years as an ALT on the JET Programme. Don’t do much updating, but I’m kind of thinking to start up again.

Map of the Jamatique My tumblr where I fangirl over things with gifs to my heart’s content

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere.

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