The Captain’s Back! Captain Marvel #1


Captain Marvel #1
Writer(s): Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters
Artist: Kris Anka
Colors: Matthew Wilson

Announced waaaay back when, the new Captain Marvel had to be one of the most anticipated female lead comics to come back after the events of Secret Wars (which I didn’t really care much about). After the departure of awesome amazing writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, the Carol Corps were intrigued and excited to hear that Marvel’s Agent Carter producers Fazekas and Butters would take the helm. Did they make the cut? Well, one issue is too short for me to gauge, but so far I think so!

The Captain decides to have a “change of pace” and accepts commanding Alpha Flight, the group now responsible for being Earth’s first line of defense (but let’s face it, *all* superhero teams dub themselves Earth’s first line of defense). Despite the Cap’s close friends’ skepticism, Carol believes the Commander position will be a nice change of pace, only now in space! Of course, next thing she knows she’s in a meeting with a delegation to negotiate waste removal on the space station. Ah yes, administration. Luckily, a massive asteroid and, later, a very old looking warship distract Captain Marvel and finds out she and Alpha Flight have a bit more to worry about contract negotiations.

It will be interesting if the series shows the dichotomy of Carol the Captain and Carol the newly appointed Commander of a badass space station. Commanders usually stay indoors, overlooking a holographic battlefield with a grim, determined eye, but Carol doesn’t seem like that kind of girl. Will her new head position in Alpha Flight cool her down a bit? Hopefully not too much, because I love seeing her punching things in the face.

The art is clean and bright thanks to Anka and Wilson, almost to the point where I felt like I wasn’t looking at events in space. I particularly love Anka’s style in drawing Captain Marvel because abs and the muscular body.


More body diversity in women is always a good thing


Alpha Flight didn’t really get much of a spotlight in issue 1, but hopefully, we’ll see more shenanigans in the future. I feel like they and the Captain will make an interesting team-up. Unless Brand kills Carol first for causing more trouble and stress for her.

Kelly Sue was such an enormous influence on Captain Marvel (and women’s representation in comics in general) that I’m sure it might be difficult for some Carol Corps fans. I’m still beginning my Kelly Sue run, so my view may not be so biased. I for one will see where Michele and Tara take Captain Marvel and us, the readers.


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