On Drawing Strong Women: Kris Anka

To celebrate issue #1 of Captain Marvel in the new Marvel Universe, my LCS invited the artist of the new series, Kris Anka for a little Q&A.

Fantastic_Anka 012316

He talked about the process of becoming the artist for Captain Marvel (which he fanboyed over) and the even longer process of revamping the style for the series relaunch (not so much fanboying). The audience was able to see some of his initial sketches of character designs. I’m not too familiar with his art, but I love his clean style and how he draws the Captain particularly muscular (moar abs and moar buffer became the little joke throughout the discussion). Juliette, the comic store employee/moderator commented how she admired that aspect of Anka’s art while he just shrugged it off. “It’s not that difficult to draw different body types of women. I just actually put in the effort.” (Mic drop male gaze centric artists!!) Thanks to social media, artists can listen and get immediate feedback of their work from fans and Anka’s the type to listen. Although, he has no shame of admiring Rob Liefeld’s 90’s style work and would love to work with him (ah well, no one can be perfect I suppose).

It was a nice change to hear the experience of the artist. Anka delved a bit into his work schedule and the business side of the art, advising potential comic artists to “be nice and turn in your work on time”. There’s nothing worse than an unreliable artist who can’t hit a deadline.

Other things of note: his fashion style. He was rocking a bright plaid shirt with a flower patterned tie. Plus his bushy mustache. I dug it. Also, during the time he was visualizing the new costume of our beloved Captain, he noted his drawings had to pass by Marvel’s legal department because the outfit couldn’t be so drastically different that it wouldn’t match future licensed goods. That part made me fangirl a bit because I love that aspect of the publishing business.

The Q&A ended with signings and prints for sale that he drew for this event (yeees). I remember during the discussion he said one his of New Year’s resolution was to draw more women. I gotta say, Anka, you made me a believer and I’ll make it a point this year to look for your art.


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