The Pull



Batman & Robin Eternal #13
Writer: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV
Artist: Marcio Takara
Format: Digital


Cassandra’s origin story (in this “new” DCU) has arrived!!! I love it. I love the flashback scene between her and Batman and I’m really enjoying the growing relationship between her and Harper. I feel like there can be something more between the two, but I could be just reading into the subtext a bit too much…

As an aside, this was one of the first issues I read digitally on my new Surface Pro 4. Reading each page on a 12.3″ screen is pretty damn beautiful, but it is kinda awkward to hold in portrait mode. I am a bit bummed though there isn’t a Comixology app in the Windows Store. Guess I’ll finally use the backup feature on Comixology so I can read while in transit.

Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #1
Writer: Kate Leth
Art: Brittney Williams
Format: Print

hellcat cvr

I knew nothing about Hellcat and to be honest, I bought this on a whim not really expecting much. I was wrong. So wrong. Written in the fun upbeat tones of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Patsy is struggling to find a job and after stopping and converting a would be criminal (and getting a new place to stay, all in one go!) she decides to start a hiring agency for powered beings such as herself. The idea is so down to earth it is just too good. The writing is quirky and funny and art is…well just look at the cover and the teaser for issue 2!  I’m really enjoying Marvel’s stories of the street heroes who want to do good around them, but aren’t billionaires and don’t really want the spotlight and beat up crazy cosmic aliens. I think stories that mix the fantastical with the ordinary things, like finding a job makes it not so ordinary. Instead of using comics to truly escape from real life stuff, comics can reflect that these awesome, larger than life characters have to deal with this crap too, so it’s okay! We can do this! Yeah! Anyway, it’s nice to see the everyday issues pop up in comics; it just makes them more relatable (that being said, comics like The Ultimates are amazing too)

On Queue

Monstress #2
We Stand On Guard series
Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift

What’s in your queue? Please let me know!




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