Holiday Binge List

Well, the first half of the holiday season is gone and nearly so is 2015. And yes, although it is an awesome time for spending time with loved ones, getting good presents, and a brief…too brief break from work or school we all know another reason why the holidays are great.

Binging. Food, TV, movies, books, games, all of it!! This is what I’ve been catching up on, discovering and obsessing over:



The Expanse book series by James S.A. Corey

Such a great space opera. I have been reading this nonstop. Finishing up Abaddon’s Gate and my copy of Cibola Burn just came in from Amazon. After that I have one more book, then the new one comes out in 2016. Read and binge!!



The Expanse T.V. series. Shown Tuesdays on Syfy

This should not come as a surprise. It took me a a couple of episodes to get into, but I’m coming around.  I guess what blocked me were the changes to the crew’s family/team dynamic and the casting choices…okay just Holden. If you’re looking for a space drama along the lines of Battlestar Galactica you might want to give this a shot. With only 4 episodes it almost doesn’t even count for binging!

Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D season 3


I didn’t watch any episodes of the recent season until this holiday season. I’m glad I did! I don’t know how I would have survived waiting a week for the next episode! I think this is the best season yet. All I need is FitzSimmons to get together (damn you Marvel pleeeease?) and Black Bolt and I’ll be one happy fangirl.

Doctor Who current season

best ship doc who

I…have feels about this season.


I’m always on/off with Doctor Who. Matt Smith was my favorite new Doctor, and Clara is the first Companion I really loved (next to Donna of course because Donna). Their chemistry was great and they were the first Doctor/Companion I really wanted to ship (sorry didn’t like Rose or Amy at all). I was surprised at how much chemistry Clara and 12 had. Shipping aside, I think this was a really strong season in terms of story and new characters (Ashildr/Me is awesome!!!). And with that ending, I’m praying for some side story/movie of Clara, Me and their adventures. What a great end for that character.

Honestly I’m not sure what else to binge on. I’m almost afraid to seek out more (but please feel free to recommend any!!). Don’t think my nerd heart can take much more. Although, I’ve been meaning to watch Sense8….






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