Brunch Reads

I can’t believe it’s already December. My family spent Turkey weekend playing in Disneyland. where I rode (Hyper)Space Mountain for the first time and learned about Disney Bounding. In addition to major work changes I haven’t really found time to read or see as much interesting articles as I usually do, but I did find a few:

More updates on the FFVII remake…yay…

I love FFVII. I do. It was the first FF that got me into JRPGs and games in general. Not really sure I like the overhype of it though. Plus, FFVI is waaaaay better. Give me a remake of that.

Rarity’s Boutique of awesome jackets!

I love the Steven Universe inspired jackets! The duo only open their shop in the early part of the month so you have to check their FB updates.

Kinjaz dances to Adele’s “Hello”

I don’t blog a lot about dancing, but I do enjoy dance. A friend showed me Kinjaz’ dance. The camera work on this video also makes this dance awesome.



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