Brunch Reads

I can’t believe it’s November. Where did the year go? Well, let’s start November off right with some geeky links in the web.

The Martian is pretty popular in Korea. In 20 days, the movie made $28.6 million dollars and was the fastest foreign release to sell four million tickets, on par with “Kingsmen: The Secret Service”. Just wondering, why Korea was so hyped about it.

Why would anyone unleash Deadpool on Halloween? With X-Men kids no less?! (It’s so hilarious though you have to watch this)

Found Supergirl’s other weakness: surrounded by puppies dressed as superheroes.

Comic about…Hero fashion? Come on. We all see the spiffy, awesome (or not so awesome) costumes heroes wear. This comic is about the true heroes who make the heroes look good while saving the world: the hero fashion designers. I for one am going to see what this comic is about.

As always, if there’s any cool geeky things going on, let me know!


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