The Pull

Sometimes, I regret getting back into comics. There’s so many good things out there that it’s almost intimidating. Then I read another issue of something then I’m like:

stephen give it

So between LinkedIn stalking, work and family stuff, I was able to make a little list of what I’ve been reading on my downtime:


Batman & Robin Eternal #1


CAAAAAAASSSIE’S BACK!!! Seriously this was the only reason why I picked this up. But I was surprised how I enjoyed the story itself. With Batman out of the scene, his proteges must uncover a case that Robin (Grayson) and Batman thought they closed years ago. Who is Mother? I just hope DC doesn’t screw up Cassandra’s role in the DCU.

Silk #6 – Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee

I’m such a huge fan of Thompson’s Silk. I love the journey Silk is having, struggling to navigate her way through connecting with society through tech and just normal conversation, both which she lacked during her time in the bunker. All this while searching for her family. All that aside, the main reason I loved this issue in particular was the fight between Silk and Black Cat. The art just made me feel the rage and how fed up Silk was at that point. Such a bad ass fight, probably one of the top fight scenes in comics in my book. I mean look at this panel!:


Currently Reading

Angela: Asgar’d Assassin TPB 1: Priceless – Kieron Gillen/Marguerite Bennett, Phil Jimenez/Stephanie Hans

Angela_Priceless cvr

I looove everything about this book. To be honest, I never was interested in the Asgardian corner of the Marvel Universe, but after reading an issue of Angela (including the female!Thor) I was hooked. It also helps that it’s fact that Sera is the first transgender hero of the MU. Or, at the very least the first visible and admitted as transgender. Kudos for diversity! (I’m not letting the fact that a transgender character taking a major spotlight is only happening just recently rain my parade right now). And the art? Yuuum.

On Deck

Two Brothers – Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba

One of my graphic novel club’s next book is Two Brothers, by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Ba. From what I see, it’s about well, two brothers where one was sent to relatives in Lebanon after a violent encounter with the brother. I enjoyed the narrative of Daytripper, so I’m intrigued about this graphic novel.


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