Gorging on Dragon Coast

Dragon Coast_cvr

Title: Dragon Coast
Author: Greg Van Eekhout
Publisher: Tor Books
Why? Capers with dragons, and people eating other people’s bones
Keywords: Dragons, Daniel Blackland, capers, heists, magic, bone-eating, *dragons*, bad-ass female characters, diverse characters

Note: Obtained an ARC through first-reads on Goodreads. My first time winning. yay! 

“This was the world, as it was. This is what people were. They were not good. They were not evil. They were less than either. People were really consumers.”

I tried reaaaaally hard to read this slowly. I loved book 1 and 2 and I wanted to savor the world and the characters in it, but alas, curse Van Eekhout for making such an addicting, final read.

This is (sadly) the final book of the Daniel Blackland trilogy. The book pretty much hits the ground running and switches between Sam’s POV as the dragon and Daniel planning a heist to steal a bone that will help him save Sam. I really enjoyed this book if only because there were more scenes with Daniel and his crew. Also, osteomancy really takes the spotlight in this book. Osteomancy has got to be one one of the most fascinating and horrifying magic systems I’ve ever read in my life. I love how each of the characters struggle with themes of nature vs. nurture. Are you born good or bad? Do your genes dictate what you’ll become in the future? Or is it based on the choices you make, and what you do with your experiences that life gave you? It’s interesting that Van Eekhout uses the word ‘consumer.’ I feel like society judges us more or less by what we consume. ‘Oh, you like books with dragons on the cover and read comic books?’ GEEK. ‘You have a mental disorder and take medications and go to therapy to heal yourself?’ UNSTABLE. ‘You love to eat good food, but don’t try all the latest health fads?’ UNHEALTHY.  I feel that the book, or the whole series actually, really tries to drive home the fact that “you aren’t what you eat, you’re what you do.” No matter the environment you grew up in or what you’ve “consumed”, whether it be your parents’ ideals or what you read or watch, in the end, it’s your choice on what you do with what you’ve learned.

…or I can just be making stuff up and the real moral of the story is that eating people is bad and if you do a little girl will walk up to you and twist your head off. Slowly.

It’s very rare that I read a series where I pretty much like everyone I read about and this series is one of them. Except the Heirarch, he’s still a douche. The new characters introduced are definitely no exception. Daniel’s golem/brother-clone’s daughter, Ethelinda, is one freaky child and the end makes me think she’ll go Kill Bill on Daniel’s ass if he doesn’t watch his back. I loved the banter between Sam and Annabel Stokes, ‘the ghost in the dragon machine.’ There were quite a few Gabriel and Max one-sided bromance scenes (or more for you slash fans!) which I enjoyed immensely. Pretty much anything Max or Gabriel I’ll enjoy immensely.

The only criticism I have for this book (if you can even call it that) is that I wanted to read more about the Northern Kingdom (San Francisco! Bay Area!). The world building is so great for the Southern Kingdom that I would love another series (HINT HINT) just for the Northern Kingdom alone. I wouldn’t mind reading more about Paul’s (Daniel’s golem/brother/clone) childhood and growing up with Allaster and Cynara. How about more of Daniel and his crew’s past escapades when he was working for Otis Roth? And why stop there? What is the rest of the world like in Blackland’s version of the world? I NEED MORE.


Read this. Sloooowly. And savor all the flavors of the ending of this amazing 3 course epic meal.


“Don’t be so full of yourself. You are not my entire universe.And if you are, well. I’m willing to risk death to prove I’m really alive.”


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