Brunch Reads 8.23.15

Hope everyone’s enjoying a late lazy Sunday! I don’t know about you, but in my area there are yummy, tasty brunch areas everywhere. Why not have some interesting links to pass the time while waiting for your nomnoms?

Malaysia gets a DC comics cafe and US gets screwed over: Not one cafe, but 2 DC-themed cafes opened up in Kuala Lumpur and Johor. Get your goddamn-Batman pancakes now! I’m so jealous I can’t even–

Eva 01 bullet train: Because, you know, no one can ever get enough of Eva! Slated to speed pass throughout the JR West line around March 2017.

Terrapin Walking Dead beer: Cheers to the end of the world with a Walking Dead inspired IPA by Terrapin Beer Company. Not sure if I’ll be a fan with the blood orange peel notes, but definitely getting for my collection. No release date from what I can see.

2016 book announcement: United States of Japan. An alternate history story of Japan winning WWII and explores the tragedies that occurred in Asia during that time. Read this synopsis and tell me this doesn’t sound cool:

Decades ago, Japan won the Second World War. Americans worship their infallible Emperor, and nobody believes that Japan’s conduct in the war was anything but exemplary. Nobody, that is, except the George Washingtons—a group of rebels fighting for freedom. Their latest terrorist tactic is to distribute an illegal video game that asks players to imagine what the world might be like if the United States had won the war instead.

Captain Beniko Ishimura’s job is to censor video games, and he’s tasked with getting to the bottom of this disturbing new development. But Ishimura’s hiding something… kind of. He’s slowly been discovering that the case of the George Washingtons is more complicated than it seems, and the subversive videogame’s origins are even more controversial and dangerous than the censors originally suspected.

The concept art looks very Pacific Rim like. If there are any similarities of that in this book I would be so happy.

Happy linking guys. If there’s anything else interesting going on in geeky pop culture that catches your eye, feel free to let me know. I love this kind of stuff!


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