Comic Stack Pile for the Week

I recently joined a ladies comics book club at my LCS and let me tell you it was amaaaazing. Not only did I get to meet like-minded women, but I am discovering so much more titles (which is a double edged sword if my wallet has anything to say about it).  Below are titles I recently read, currently reading and next on the conveyor belt.

I just realized the 3 I’m writing about belong to Image. And here I thought I was just a Marvel fan….

Currently reading: Morning Glories (digital)

morning glories_coverComixology was giving volume 1 for MG for free. I talked to people who both loved and hated it, so I wanted to give it a shot. So far, I’m enjoying the crap out of this. Miss Daramount is crazy and the normalcy of the horror of the school is horrifying. The only thing that makes my wallet me sad is that I discovered there’s at least 8 trades out. Lots of catching up to do

Next up: The Wicked + The Divine TPB Vol. 1 (print)


Reincarnated gods of different cultures being reborn again and again to only die and go through it all over again? Why wasn’t this in my radar sooner? Gillen is now one of the writers I will definitely follow.

Comics Club Read: ODY-C (print)


I loved his writing on Hawkeye though I just have volume 1. I was going to pick this up at the library, but a) didn’t have it b) it was so pretty at the comic store so I bought it and c) it’s GENDER FLIPPED ODYSSEY IN SPAAAACE.

So excited for this little pile. If anyone has more recs, shoot ’em my way!


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