“Avengers…[end credits]” “@$%^ Joss!!”

…Pretty much how I felt right at that ending scene.

Also, sorry for the lack of update. I was on vacation.

Let me backtrack. Started the day by visiting my local comic shop for some Free Comic Book Day celebration~

The things we do for free swag


We were only able to pick 3 per person. Is that a thing for FCBD? I used to work at a comic book store back in the day, but I really don’t remember limiting the free comics per person. I’m glad of my picks, but I wanted to pick up the Kodansha manga sample book and I didn’t even see the Doctor Who book!

Anyway, after spending about 3 hours rock climbing I decided to treat myself by watching Age of Ultron. Let me tell you, breathing and humming the Spider Man song really helps the whole fear of heights thing.

My thoughts on Age of Ultron: for a sequel, it was pretty awesome. I think I like it just as much as the first one. Below are my streams of thought as I watched the movie. Spoilers abound, but honestly the trailers kind of did that anyway so I don’t think you’re going to be spoiled too much. Besides, what kind of fan are you if you haven’t watched AoU yet?!

The Thoughts

I thought the humor was great. It showed the group’s relationship with each other well. The running gags of Captain America’s foul mouth and who is worthy of Thor’s hammer were cute.

The twinsies – I love both as characters in the MU, particularly Scarlet Witch, messed up as she is, but it seems like their MCU versions, I don’t know, kind of diminished them? There isn’t the drama and good/bad guy complexity they both have in the MU as the “m word” than as Inhumans in the MCU (Also, when are they ever going to say Inhumans?? In AoU, Cap calls them Enhanced, but in the show AoS they really don’t have a name for them either, though I guess Powered People counts). But the ending — JOSS YOU DID IT AGAIN. For one movie I would like to see Joss *not* kill someone that’s kinda likeable.

want to know why_thor

Ohhh Hawkeye, I’m so glad they gave you lines this time around. You reminded me how much I enjoyed reading your comic. Though I’m not really familiar with your history I didn’t know you had KIDS AND A GIRLFRIEND/WIFE?? AUNTIE NAT?!  Sorry Clintasha fans, but I actually enjoyed this little MCU backstory for him. Speaking of pairings, Hulk/Black Widow? Woah, mind-boggling yes, but oddly in the MCU…it kinda…works…

I loved all the little sprinkles of dialogue about the Infinity Gems. Better watch your back Vision…

I really wish we got to see a hint of Black Panther when the team showed up in Wakanda.


Great follow up to the first Avengers. I think watching Agents of Shield really did give me a bit more insight and really made the universe more…real, well, for the first 5 minutes of the movie anyway. Still, watching Agents of Shield isn’t necessary. Still looking forward to future MCU titles, but that Ant-Man though….

avengers dance_labish


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