Brunch reads 4.12.15

Sundays are so nice and awful at the same time. I try to relax as much as possible during Sundays, do a little bit of chores/laundry, but of course Sundays mean that work is looming on the horizon the next day. Ugh. Well, here are some pretty chill links you can skim over to enjoy your day-before-the-drudgery day!

Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club A lot of local shops are getting hit hard with the minimum wage raise in SF, needed but sad that it damages businesses anyway. WTH SF. ANYWAY, in order to keep afloat like Borderlands SF they started a monthly graphic novel club. Interesting concept. I’m going to try the first month and see how it goes.

Where did the name ‘Gotham’ come from? First of all I didn’t even know Gotham is the nickname for New York City, but the fact that the nickname came from a story of an English town that acted cray-cray just avoid the King is pretty amazing.

the more you knowEnjoy the geeksphere everybody! If there’s any reads you find interesting, let me know! And now I leave you…with Joe Joe the capybara!


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