Daredevil (Netflix series)

So. I just finished watching episode 1 of Netflix’s Daredevil series. Bear in mind that though I am a Marvel girl, DD was never in my radar, so my reaction to the show is to the show. I know the basics of his storyline, but never read the series.

Pretty sure that’s going to change now after what I saw in episode 1 because Oh. My. God.


Wow. what a great start. From what I know, DD has always shown the “darker side” of the Marvel Universe. He’s the local superhero, the one fighting the thugs and fighting crime on the streets, rather than the cosmic battles the Avengers are up to. In fact, they do talk about the destruction of New York and how the damage affected the city and Hell’s Kitchen in particular. Love the connections Marvel!

I also loved how the origin story was pretty brief for a first episode. Sure we see how Matt goes blind as a kid, but next thing you know you see him as an adult kicking 4 thugs’ ass to rescue girls from prostitution. Throughout the episode the show lets the visuals and the character show how he uses his ability (they blur the lens when he realizes Karen is lying is an example) and even though this way of telling is a more visual, perhaps subtle approach, I can follow and believe it as a viewer. I actually appreciate that it cuts to the chase to him acting as Daredevil already. I’m sure the details will be delved into more throughout the show so I look forward to finding out more.

Verdict? After hitting post, I am going to binge watch this series. And possibly download some comics off Comixology. Pretty sure they’re having a Daredevil sale right now. Even if you’re not a fan of DD or even comics, this is a good show. I’m hoping the rest of the season will be just as good as the first episode.

Other thoughts going through my head as I watched.

Fight scenes: Quick and dirty. Love it

Opening credit scene: Oooh creepy. Also love it

The sound of Matt’s voice when  Karen admits to asking that guy out for a drink. “He was a nice guy. You go Karen. Yes, if we think a guy is worth it hell yeah we’ll ask first.

Love the Avenger’s movie reference. I love continuity and crossovers and all that good stuff.

Man…is it weird that I think Charlie’s hot as Matt? Or in general?

cas_jus saying

Music: Huh, very Tron: Legacy-esque. Me likey. Well, one particular scene was very Tron-ish, can’t say I paid attention the whole way due to the amazingness that was happening before my very eyes.


2 thoughts on “Daredevil (Netflix series)

  1. Im not a big fan of Daredevil. But after reading your article I think I will give it a shot!

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