Women in SF&F + Comics Month!

I read an awesome intro post to Women in SF&F by Renay of Lady Business and it really got me thinking (which is the goal right?) and I was so pumped that I actually posted a reply! Woaaah. I’m quoting what I wrote here:

I guess you can say I am one of those people who just “sees the story” than where the story came from, but lately I’ve been getting back into comics and this issue is really starting to show up more prominently which is awesome. I’m glad to say I’m starting to consciously think about representation of women in what I read and what’s out there. Here are 5 authors that struck a chord with me (in no particular order):

1. N.K. Jemisin – Everything she’s written. Seriously.
2. Lynn Flewelling – Nightrunner series
3. Ursula Le Guin – Lavinia
4. Helen Wecker – Golem and the Jinni
5. Kristin Cashore – Fire

I pondered more on this (because who doesn’t like thinking about books?) and thought of 5 more to bring it to a nice round 10 for author/book recs. I most likely will post these as my recs for the SF&F Month Recommendation list Fantasy Cafe is posting up.

6. Rae Carson – The Girl of Fire and Thorns series.
7. Meredith Ann Pierce – The Darkangel trilogy
8. Madeline Ashby – Vn
9. Anne McCaffrey -Dragonsdawn
10. Patricia C. Wrede, Caroline Stevermer – Sorcery & Cecelia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot

Now I wrote the books/series that I particularly love, but honestly all these writers are so strong that I don’t think anyone can go wrong on reading a book with these author’s names on the cover.

I hope people participate in that rec list. Realtalk: I’ve been into “geeky things” for as long as I can remember and even now I get a little anxious when I start talking about movies/comics/anime/whathaveyou in a social setting because I was brought up to believe that this really isn’t something I should be talking about. I should be talking about how I should keep my figure, or catching up on latest gossip or talk about going to Sephora (it can be fun though). That’s why I’m so glad that lately the attitude on girls in the geeksphere is finally being highlighted and mentioned and just being talked about. In some ways it started with the big 2 finally discovering that ‘hey girls read comics too!’ and are trying to focus books to include female readership. Meh, it took them long enough, but better late than never. But I also believe it’s because the female fans themselves are finally taking a stand and shouting out. I want to try and participate more because maybe down the line, the male/female line will go away, or at least fade a lot, and girls/women can enjoy being a geek without feeling like she’s playing with boy toys. I want to be part of making that line go away. And this is by no means a boy vs. girl thing. I’ve seen plenty of comments from male bloggers who are all for this and advocate this issue.

Now off to that rec list and see if I can find more awesome books to add to my TBR stack…


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