Change of Space

I’m finally realizing I have more than one interest. I thought I would just combine everything into one hodgeposh blog, but I actually like my blogs to have some sort of focus. So, I made another new blog to reflect said different passions.

Coconuts in the Kitchen is where my foodie side goes to play. Places I’ve been and recipes me and/or my boyfriend have tried in the kitchen.

Gem in The Rough pretty much stays the same, minus the food porn. Books/Comics I’ve read, Movies I’ve seen will be posted here. Anything tinged geeky will still be here.

So anyone who actually comes and reads this site (which is probably like, 2) and doesn’t care about me geeking out over books and comics and awesome stuff but doesn’t mind geeking out over food awesome stuff, then please give CocoITK some love. Thanks!


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