Foodie Friday: Enter the Scorpion

Before college, I never really got into coffee. I was more of the would-you-like-some coffee-with-your-sugar-and-cream kinda gal, even though the smell of coffee is *glorious*.

Then entering the workforce happened and now I understand why coffee (and alcohol) become the need in people’s lives. I guess it also helps that your boyfriend happens to be a barista in the city.

Now, I’m still pretty new to the coffee/espresso world, and I can’t take espresso shots (someday, someday maybe), but I was still…horrified intrigued about an espresso shot called ‘the scorpion’. There was a funny story to this, something about someone getting really high/drunk, passing out in front of a funeral home—*anyway*, point is he took some shots of this and pretty much revived. What’s a scorpion? Well, take a shot of espresso and put in some tapatio sauce (or whatever hot sauce floats your boat). Yup. I said it. Hot sauce and espresso. And since it’s so weird of course I had to try it. What really makes the “shot” nice is after taking the espresso you cool it down with a chaser of cream or whatever milk/cream you use in your coffee. Sounds weird? Hell yeah, but I kid you not it’s very tasty. I’m sure people have seen the fancy chocolate with hot peppers and spices (which are also amazeballz by the way) and so to me the scorpion isn’t really a far-fetched idea.

Had to down it fast before the espresso soured
Had to down it fast before the espresso soured

So if you know a cool barista who’s willing to start a secret menu at their cafe, you should give this a shot. No pun intended.


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