Foodie Friday: Food Truck Smorgasbord

We Sushi, Soulnese Food Trucks
We Sushi, Soulnese Food Trucks


Waiting in line at the Curry Up Now food truck
Waiting in line at the Curry Up Now food truck

*No*, I did not try these food trucks all at once. As much as I think death-by-food-coma is probably the best way you can leave this world, I’d like to enjoy food a little more.


Curry Up Now

Fridays tend to be my foodie days in SF, where I don’t bring lunch and go out and try what the FiDi has to offer. Curry Up Now was one of my targets. Doc’s Burgers was a hit with not only me, but my co-workers, so I was excited to try this truck that sells Indian/Mexican hybrid goodies. Despite the wait, I still wasn’t really able to decide when it was my turn to order, so I went for a combo and ordered the popular stuff: tikka masala burrito with a mango lassi and a samosa. I *loved* it: the burrito was spicy (people weren’t kidding about the kick), and the samosa was huge and yummy. The mango lassi was the only disappointment. It didn’t have the tang and thickness I associate with a lassi drink. The only bad point I can recall is how messy the burrito was. It makes sense  I guess, I’m eating Indian curry covered in a huge, yet thin tortilla. You better have a plate and lots of napkins near by after that first bite. If I ever go back, which is probably a heck yes, I’d go for the deconstructed samosas or one of the vegan options. Hopefully next time they’ll have their wheat tortillas in stock too.

Soulnese & We Sushi

One of the reasons why I love eating with friends is that there are more chances to order more food all in the name of “sharing”.  While waiting for the San Jose Taiko concert my friend and I walked around the park which had food trucks lined up. My friend wanted sushi, I wanted to be adventurous and out of all the food trucks at the park, Soulnese’ chicken & waffle burrito took the prize. Of course, to assuage my guilt my friend and I shared the burrito. So glad to have friends who enjoy food too.

Lobster crunch sushi and chicken and waffle burrito. Gross? Amazing? Hmm..

Despite the new cred food trucks have now, sushi food trucks was pushing it for me, but We Sushi proved me wrong with the Lobster Crunch. It tasted pretty much like any American sushi you would order at a Mikuni’s or Japanese fusion restaurants, definitely didn’t taste like the ingredients were stale and out for a while (I’m still alive after all).

We Sushi website

The burrito was kind of another story:

A girl can splurge every once in a while right? Right?!

If you like chicken and waffles (and why wouldn’t you?), you would enjoy this crazy breakfast burrito. Fried chicken, egg, ham, bacon, and waffle with maple syrup. Although I did enjoy it, the waffle and fried chicken were not crisp and more on the soggy side. I think I’d prefer chicken and waffles spread out on a plate so I can enjoy the crispiness and pour any amount of syrup I want. I’m glad I tried it, but probably won’t order it again.

Soulnese website



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