M-M-M-M-M-Mad-Madness: Muse In Concert 1.28.13 @ Oakland, CA

Madness pretty much sums up my experience

Just looking at my pictures give me shivers about Monday night.

I can die happily knowing I was able to see one of my favorite bands ever live. I’ve heard good things about Muse live so my aunt (who is pretty much the only person I know that likes Muse too) and I went to Oakland to see them.

It’s hard for me to describe Muse’s music. When people ask what kind of music they play, the only word I can come up with is…”epic.” After watching them live I feel like the CD restrains the music and doesn’t let it go like how it sounds like in concert. I guess their awesome blend of rock, electronic and haunting, chorus-like melodies really go well for big arenas. The lights and special effects were a show all on its own. Crazy laser beams, inverted triangles, and the trippy video effects of the band and audience made it seem like I was part of a music video.

Epic group, epic performance, epic night. I already received an email about their upcoming performance in Vegas in March and I am *this* close to taking a mini vacation and seeing them again  seeing my family.

Next time I will try and get standing/arena seats so I can dance and rock out to my heart’s content. Everyone in the upper level was waaay too calm for Muse.

Found the set list on the San Jose Mercury News website:

More or less in order:

1. “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable”
My thought during the opening: Holy crap, and this was just the FIRST song!

2. “Supremacy”

3. “Hysteria”

4. “Panic Station”

5. “Supermassive Black Hole”
Twilight fans rejoice! >_>

6. “Resistance”

7. “Animals”

8. “Knights of Cydonia”
I felt like starting a riot during this song!

9. “Monty Jam”

10. “Sunburn”

11. “Time is Running Out”

12. “Liquid State”

13. “Madness”

14. “Follow Me”

15. “Undisclosed Desires”

16. “Plug in Baby”

17. “New Born”

18. Encore: “Uprising”

19. Encore: “Starlight”

20. Encore: “Survival”


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