Saturday Movie: Watching Les Miserables

Oh FANTINE *sobs*
Oh FANTINE *sobs*

You know, after singing these amazing songs in choir, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen the musical, or read the book so I was really excited to see the songs in context and with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway no less! And I have to say, I was really moved by the movie and kicking myself in the butt for not watching the musical!

I think I teared up at almost every song. The songs are very moving, but I think what really drove it home were the actors’ expressions and the CLOSE-UPS. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed so much face close-ups in a movie before, but wow it really captured the emotion of the song and what the actors were expressing so kudos to the actors for expressing so beautifully.

My crush for Anne Hathaway just got bigger. God, “I Dreamed a Dream”.

Didn’t really like Cosette and Marius. Though I felt bad for Marius when he comes back to the hideout and he’s the only one there. =(

Just a bit though because I felt really bad for Eponine. “On My Own” is one of my favorite songs of the musical~

But damn Seyfried can hit those high notes.

Huh, wasn’t really impressed with Russell Crow’s singing though.

So from someone who *just* watched the movie, and nothing else, I enjoyed it a lot. I will definitely learn the error of my ways and attempt to watch Les Miz on stage when I get the chance.





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