Saturday TV: Worthy Male Characters to fangir—Admire

Since coming back from Japan, I’ve been trying to catch up with American pop culture in between job hunting. Apparently I missed quite a few things particularly in the TV show area. There are some pretty good shows out there. Plus I guess it doesn’t hurt that there are some *major* eye candy to go with these tv shows. Honestly, CW shows? Where do they grab these beautiful people? And why don’t I see them on the street? Shallowness aside, there are some pretty amazing characters that really drive the shows I love. After all, its the characters that make or break the story right? So I made a list of characters in TV shows I fangirl  admire greatly. The fact that they’re beautiful to look at is a bonus. In no particular order because I switch fandoms often.

1. Peter Bishop
TV Show: Fringe
Is he worthy? True regret: just discovering this show NOW. Genius intellect, sharp sarcasm, soft-romantic-on-the inside, and complicated daddy issues makes Peter Bishop an awesome character to watch. I’m so sad to see this show go.
Bonus? When he smiles and shows his caring side it melts my heart.

2. Dean Winchester

TV ShowSupernatural
Is he worthy? To me this character is more than meets the eye. He could have been a typical, I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it older brother (well sometimes he does know it), but this man and his looks are the last thing on his mind while he protects everyone he loves while hating himself and deeming himself unworthy to be saved due to “not being good enough”. UGH. I can’t stand and love this character so much sometimes.
Bonus? Geezus, *look* at the man.

3. Oliver Queen 
TV Show: Arrow, Wednesday @ 8PM on CW
Is he worthy? Honestly, he’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to Batman on my TV screen. I *love* characters with dual personas. A rich guy who’s tragic past motivates him to become a vigilante and bring his own brand of justice to criminals while hiding behind a playboy facade fascinates me. I’ve never read any Green Arrow comics so I can’t say how close Arrow follows the comic, but if you don’t take it seriously it’s an entertaining, fun show. Would still choose Batman over GA any day though.

I’ll let his abs speak for me

4. Ryan Fletcher
TV Show: 
Nikita, Fridays @ 8PM on CW
Is he worthy? Gotta love the honest, straight-as-an-arrow character. His pure sense of right and wrong is a refreshing view for Team Nikita, especially in seasons 1 and 2 when Nikita’s gang was dealing with taking down Division. Though season 3 is probably putting his views to the test since he became head of Division and balancing between satisfying Nikita and the US government. Poor Ryan.
Bonus? I’d say so! He has that nice, puppy thing going for him.

5. Miles Matheson
TV Show: Revolution, Mondays @ 10PM on NBC
Is he worthy? Again, that whole, dual persona thing. Most of the time he shows his douche-y, snarky attitude, but near the end of the mid season you peel back the layers and realize the price he’s paid for the dystopian world he lives in. The fact that he sees proof of what he’s done every day probably doesn’t help matters. And the confrontation between him and ex-BFF Monroe? Kills me. I find this show hard to swallow sometimes with its plot and protagonists that make it hard to root for them, but Miles is the reason why I keep coming back for more.
Bonus? If you love gruffy, snarky guys who can handle swords.

6. Daryl Dixon
TV Show:
  The Walking Dead, Sundays @ 9PM on AMC
Is he worthy? Geezus, what ISN”T worthy? I love how the show slowly shows he’s more than a redneck who knows how to use a crossbow. Man has a heart of gold, or as close to one as you can get in a screwed up world with zombies. I’m so glad Shane got the boot and Daryl got promoted to Rick’s right hand man. How he’s related to Merle is one of the bigger mysteries of the show. I can’t love this character enough. Just don’t let him name babies.
Bonus? Straight-forward guy, knows how to handle himself in a fight, can hunt/possibly cook… yup all good in my book.

7. Castiel

TV show: Supernatural, Wednesdays @ 9PM on CW
Is he worthy? An angel of the Lord who, through the influence of the Winchesters (or Dean) *chooses* to side with humans and aids them. His bumbling, awkward way of learning human manners is so endearing how can you NOT like him? It breaks my heart to see what’s been happening to him these past seasons. All because he believes in Dean which doesn’t make Dean feel any better and its a vicious cycle and my heart can’t take it!!
Okay, I have a shallow confession to make. It took me a while to debate on starting Supernatural because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle the horror parts of the show though the Winchester brothers’ story made me intrigued. Then I saw a promo pic of Misha Collins as Castiel. Of all that is good and holy I’ve never crushed on an actor so hard and fast in my life. Next to JTT during Home Improvement but *still*.

8. Nolan Ross

TV Show: Revenge, Sundays @ 9PM on ABC
Is he worthy? Honestly everytime Nolan opens his mouth and speaks it brings a smile to my face. And his dedication to Emily/Real Amanda is awesome, to the point where I kinda sorta wish they would get together. I’m probably the only fan in the fandom who wishes it and I know it won’t happen but there it is. His little rivalry with Aiden is all sorts of cute.
Bonus? Who said geeks can’t be attractive? And shout out to ABC for those early Revenge promo pics of the men half naked in black tight pants. Nice to see men being objectified for once. This show is full of beautiful looking people it’s almost disgusting.

9. John Watson/Joan Watson

TV Show: Sherlock, or The Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Elementary, Thursdays @10PM on CBS
Is he worthy? I’m probably the only one who loves the Sherlock Holmes series for John Watson. Sherlock can suck it for all I care. I love how next to someone like Sherlock he’s ordinary and unassuming, but in reality he’s so much more than he shows. And Watson *wants* it that way. Plus the character is the only one who can put up with Sherlock’s crap gives him automatic BAMF status in my book. I guess that’s why I really enjoy Elementary. The show evens out the playing field between Sherlock and John/Joan. Her medical knowledge plays an important role in solving the cases. Bonus? A war veteran and a skilled doctor it’s no wonder women over 3 continents swooned over Dr. Watson. His danger streak also is a nice kick to his otherwise ordinary, nice guy personality. My love for Watson male and female versions knows no bounds!

10. Owen

TV Show: Nikita
Is he worthy? You would think he should be dead considering he did kill Nikita’s lover per Percy’s order, but nope! Instead he joins Nikita’s harem and helps her in her fight against Division. Now he has to deal with what Division, or Amanda has done to him while he was in Division and possibly a romance between him and Alex (ew no) now that Nikita is tying the knot with Michael. I loved the change of the special relationship between Owen and Nikita. If it weren’t for the whole killing your significant other thing, Owen would be my 2nd choice for a Nikita pairing.

Well, until I think of another list!

I'll be watching you~
I’ll be watching you~

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