Saturday Movie: Watching The Hobbit

♪Following the leader the leader the leader♪
♪Following the leader the leader the leader♪


I guess you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I liked it. I think PJ got the tone perfectly: the movie was lighthearted (like the book), but also hinted at the dark times that were coming for both the dwarves and in 60 years time for Frodo and friends. And I am digged the fact they’re adding scenes that were only touched/mentioned in the book, like Gandalf’s meeting and what happened in Dale. Even the beginning with Old!Bilbo and Frodo was a nice touch.But man, did anyone else want to yell at Gandalf to kill Saruman when they had their white council meeting? Get away from Saruman guys! You would think Galadriel would sense something if she could read minds (not sure if that was an actual power of hers in the books). A downside(?) would be, and this is a should-be-smited comment, is that some parts felt really…long. I understand this first part is the set-up before all hell breaks loose in the 2nd and 3rd parts, but still.

Other random thoughts:

Good looking dwarves?

Fili or Kili? Even Thorin?!
Fili or Kili? Even Thorin?!  


“Song of the Lonely Mountain”? “Misty Mountains” sung by the dwarf cast? Epic.

hell yeah


Thranduil the douche. Man, good thing Legolas isn’t like his dad.

you mad Thorin?
you mad Thorin?


The Thorin and Bilbo hug of friendship?

The cuteness is too muuuuuch
The cuteness is too muuuuuch


I only watched it in standard film because I found out the 48 fps was for 3D. I don’t really like 3D, but I might give it a shot for The Hobbit, if only to see the 48 fps. This movie was awesome, but now I’m ready for the action. Give me the epic battles and the Sherlock/John  Smaug and Bilbo confrontation!


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