Cheers to 50 years: Skyfall

Not bad looking for 50


It’s kind of mind boggling to think that I have been around for slightly more than half of James Bond’s existence. Not sure if I should be proud or appalled to say that I grew up watching this playboy strut his way through missions, women and wrecking all his pretty gadgets and cars (honestly, is there one movie, *one* where he *doesn’t* wreck his awesome Aston Martin?!). Regardless, I’m old enough to appreciate the homage to Bond’s history in Skyfall.  I really enjoyed how the movie reintroduces us to the supporting yet just as memorable, cast. I loved learning more about Bond’s past. I loved the introduction of He Who Shall Not Be N Mallory and the passing of the torch to him from Dame Judi Dench.  Though I love Craig’s hardcore Bond, I loved how at the end I saw a glimpse of the old school, smirky kind of playful Bond, but mixed with Craig’s badass ruthlessness. I just, *loved* this movie.


  • Introduction of the old with the new: Q and Moneypenny’s intro? AWESOME. Loved the hot new faces that portray them. And Moneypenny *shooting* Bond? I’m so glad she’s back, I’ve always loved her quips with James and I’m glad that showed in Skyfall.
  • Silva. Oh Javier Bardem let me love you. You were such a creepy, awesome villain. How can I blame him for hitting on James? Oh, but James’ answer!!

What makes you think I haven’t?

I don’t know my Bond history well enough, but I was under the assumption that he was straight up straight. Were there any hints in past movies where he shows he’s bisexual? Either way I like the idea of bi-Bond. I was kind of irked by how the audience in my theater were cringing and ‘eww-ing’ when Silva was pawing over James, but ‘oh snapped!’ when James answered back.  Congrats James, you now are a *true* manwhore.

  • Introduction of…old gadgets? Technology is getting smaller every day, so it would be weird to see the jet packs and other crazy, larger than life gadgetry usually seen in Bond films. I’m glad they went the subtle route and it was the ID-locked gun that saved Bond’s ass.
  • Skyfall – awesome name for a family estate, gloomy location. If my childhood home was anything like that, I would have left too.
  • OP credits and Adele – Enough said.

Skyfall is just a great mix of old and new. Though we’re already on 50, Skyfall makes me look forward to many more. Cheers to you, James Bond!




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