Foodie Friday: Thanksgiving Soul Sweet Taters

So about a month ago I tried  a sweet potato dessert I found on the Fall issue of Food Network. I loooove any kind of sweet potato or yam. I really miss Japan right now because fall/winter time = さつまいも (sweet potato) time. A baked sweet potato was the perfect food for Japan’s cold weather; I would stuff myself at home because neighbors/schools would give it to me and I’d gorge myself on them during winter festivals. You didn’t even have to do anything fancy with them: just bake it for 10 or so minutes and BAM! Instant deliciousness. Sweet potatoes are probably the reason why I survived Japanese winter. So when I found FN Magazine’s section of sweet potato desserts I was like, ‘Eureka!!!’ I tried the recipe and I decided that if it was tasty enough, I’d bring this to the family Thanksgiving get together. And luckily enough, it was!


Don’t let my crappy pic trick you. It’s tasty I swear!

The link to the recipe is on the Food Network site. Might be on the too sweet side for some, but I kind of have a sweet tooth. Plus, my dad’s not a big fan on the sweets either, but he ended up eating more than his fair share so I guess that’s saying something. I guess my sister will be making Ina’s Pasta, Pesto and Peas recipe next week. My mom made it years back and we *loved* it.

Besides the turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy, my family doesn’t really have a set Thanksgiving dinner. Does anyone else have Thanksgiving must-makes? I think it’s neat that some families have recipes they make just for certain occasions.



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