Foodie Friday: Leggo my MoGo!!

How did food trucks get so popular? I never really liked the idea of them as a kid. I just had the impression that they were roach mobiles that carried nasty food (got my nasty food fix @ McDs thankyouverymuch). Then I went to college and found the awesome-ness that is the taco truck. And THEN I got addicted to watching The Great Food Truck Race (curse you Seoul Sausage!! y u no in Bay Area?!) and THEN my aunt sent me a link to an awesome thing called Moveable Feast. It’s pretty much a food truck market. Every day, this…market goes to a different area around the bay and show off the goods. Although there are a TON of trucks that participate, it looks like it changes every time though some trucks are probably regulars. I went to the Blossom Hill location on Monday. My parents went to Chairman for the pork belly bun and my sis and I went to get our Korean-Mexican food on at MoGo BBQ. Korean. Mexican. Best combo. EVAR.


Kimchi quesadilla for me. Spare rib burrito for my sis

The only thing I can complain about this truck is the pricing, but I’ll let it slide since I thought it was really tasty. The burrito was really good. The spare rib and rice with kimchi was an interesting combination for a burrito. And it *works*. My parents’ order was good too, but I’m not really a fan of pork belly anyway (shoot me). It’s a good thing I was happy with MoGo because KoJa Kitchen owned the night. Skimming through the menu I could see why.


Line for KoJa. Next target acquired

I want to go again. Or maybe hit Off the Grid. Well, whichever one has Sam’s Chowdermobile. I’ll catch you yet Chowdermobile!! ::shake fists::


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