Foodie Friday: My ramen damnit!


During the Returning JETs Reception in San Francisco I saw a guy trying to find returning Fukuoka JETs. To be honest I forgot why, but he wanted to discuss with them about ramen and the second he said that the girl next to me and I nearly had a fangirl fit and demanded asked nicely where we could find *good* ramen.

Him: Good ramen? Orenchi Ramen. In San Jose. Best ramen I think.

Me: Yay I live in San Jose! What about San Francisco?

Him: many good ramen in SF.

Woah. Now Kyushu has some pretty tasty ramen, so I definitely had to visit this place if it got a thumbs up from a Japanese expat.

Orenchi Ramen’s menu is pretty straight forward with 4 types of ramen and some choice of appetizers and salads. My friend and I both ordered the Orenchi ramen, which has a tonkotsu base. The menu can be found here: my ramen


And oohhhh man, the taste is just like I remembered it in Japan. The noodles were firm (かため) and the broth wasn’t too heavy, but still had plenty of porky fatty taste (and I mean this in a good way). My friend ordered karaage too which tasted pretty awesome too.

VERDICT: Definitely a go-to place for ramen, but Orenchi’s time might not match yours. It’s known to have lines and the store closes when they run out of soup even though they do have set hours. If I have the chance to go again, I’d try the tsukemen. If I could, they only serve to 15 customers for lunch and dinner. Boo.


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